The Llandudno Great Orme Goats! - Elm Tree Hotel

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If you’ve visited us at the Elm Tree before you may have seen the local herd of Kashmiri Goats who call the Great Orme their home! Usually they only venture into the town when the weather is bad. However, with the recent lockdown, the goats have taken the opportunity to come down and explore more of the beautiful town of Llandudno!


They’ve been sighted in the Trinity Church courtyard, and in the nearby 16 Trinity Square garden, munching on all the lovely flowers, hedges and grass! The herd has been seen roaming around the almost deserted streets, as the lockdown has meant local businesses have closed, and social distancing advice has meant there has been a lot less people around on the streets. The goats have been entertaining the residents of Llandudno, by jumping onto garden walls, running past houses and bringing some relief in this time of uncertainty. 


The goats have taken advantage of the quieter streets and have brought some lighthearted entertainment to much of the UK – the goats have gone viral on Twitter and Facebook! They are naturally quite curious animals, so with all the upheaval going on at the moment, they’ve really taken this lockdown in their stride and are happily using Llandudno as a playground. 


We should mention though, it doesn’t seem as though they’re sticking to the two meters apart rule! But all joking aside, we can’t wait for you to come and see the goats in person and welcome you back to the Elm Tree with open arms when it is safe to do so!