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North Wales is a great venue for events, including stage shows, productions, plays, concerts and lectures – It does have it all, thanks to the extraordinary talent attracted from across the globe. The venue of Venue Cymru, which has been stalwartly serving as an emergency hospital and vaccination centre is being converted back into its true purpose – to put on some fabulous shows for locals and visitors to Llandudno alike.

Venue Cymru

The Venue Cymru boasts a 1,500 capacity arena and has in the past featured the likes of Blue, Motorhead, Robert Plant and much more. I need not emphasise the scale of things further when it brings in that sort of talent into the vicinity. After all, why wouldn’t they come here? With some of the most staggering views on the globe, fresh ocean breeze and proximity to metropolitan hubs like Liverpool, Manchester and beyond, it does have everything you could need. Venue Cymru translates to ‘The Venue of Wales’ – and that is certainly no understatement.

At the time of writing there are some very exciting productions coming this way for Venue Cymru, including, but not limited to; Manic Street Preachers, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Aladdin, North Wales Wildlife Trust, and much more. Explore this wonderful world of entertainment yourself.

Oriel Mostyn

Llandudno’s art museum plays host to a myriad of art installations as well as artworks that are sure to inspire you.  It’s always important to stimulate the artistic and creative part of your brain! 

The architecture of the building is also exquisite, interesting the classic Victorian aesthetic with some artistic flair of the 21st century. The interior boasts a brutalist concrete stairwell which attracts photographers from all over just to capture this amazing location through their lens.

Theatr Colwyn

Just around the bend of the Little Orme, you will find Colwyn Bay, one of Llandudno’s sibling towns which features the Theatr Colwyn, which itself was patronized by local lad, Monty Python’s Terry Jones before his passing. Theatr Colwyn is a more boutique show than you might find at the larger Venue Cymru over in Llandudno.  Shows that are set to be shown include ‘Respect’ – which follows the story of Aretha Franklin, the National Theatre production of Romeo and Juliet, and folk desperados Houghton Venues.

Llandudno has it all”

Hopefully, this has properly illustrated the Artistic prowess that Llandudno and the wider region boasts in its entirety. When you want to plan yourself a trip to see these wonderful productions, then you should be sure to stay at the Elm Tree Hotel. With iconic views down Llandudno bay, a convenient location for entertainment and nightlife within the town along with impeccable service from our boutique-style hotel, then you will not be disappointed. If you don’t believe us, simply head online to check out recent reviews of the hotel and what we offer. You can rest assured that we will do everything within our power to make your trip as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.

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