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Do you love Llandudno but want to discover somewhere new? We have made a list of little known secret locations in Llandudno town.

Pen Dinas – The Best View in Llandudno

On a rocky outcrop aside the Llandudno Ski Slope is arguably the best view in all of Llandudno. All you need to do is drive or walk through Happy Valley to the ski slope car park. From there, you turn left and walk up the wooden hill to a vista of the entirety of the town of Llandudno. This, coupled with the beauty of the view means that it’s the most magnificent view in all of Llandudno. Not to be missed for those who enjoy a ramble. This is actually the site of a hillfort from ages past. With its commanding view of the land beyond, it’s no wonder it was chosen as a strong defensive position. The best thing? This is just a short walk from the Elm Tree Hotel.


Angel Bay

On the other side of Llandudno’s Little Orme sits Angel Bay. This storey shore is a beautiful place to visit. Be wary that this beach is home to a colony of seals who stay here in the winter. For this reason, we dissuade anyone from climbing down the sea path to view the beach up close if there are any seals there at all. You can view from the grassy cliffs above and clearly see many seals. View other Llandudno walk ideas here.


Royal Artillery’s School of Coastal Artillery, Llandudno

On Llandudno’s mighty Great Orme, you can find many secrets and treasures for those who want to go a bit further. On the western banks of the Great Orme you can find the artillery school, where British recruits were taught to fire artillery cannons in preparation for battle in WW2.

Pidgeon’s Cave

The Great Orme is home to many great secrets which we simply don’t have ample time or space to cover in this article in its entirety. We can however present a few. Firstly, we’d like to tell you about the many caves that Llandudno’s mighty Great Orme has. Particularly the secret beach of Pidgeon’s Cave which is located on Porth Heli, a secret and secluded beach someway along the marine drive. It can be viewed safely from the marine drive. Brave adventurers do sometimes carefully make their way down the angler’s path to this secret and secluded beach, but this is not recommended. It’s certainly a sight to behold from the marine drive.

Bryniau Lookout Tower

Overlooking the plains of Maesdu, upon Bryniau Hill sits Bryniau’s lookout tower. While it may not look like much now, back in the 17th Century (also known as the golden age of piracy). The Barbary Pirates from the north coast of Africa have been the scourge of merchant ships and ports. They would capture cargo and Christian sailors into slavery or ransom them back to their loved ones. The treat came nearer to home when in 1631 the village of Baltimore in county cork, Ireland was plundered by pirates and more than 100 young men and women were taken and sold as slaves. The wealthy were taken for ransom. Only two people ever returned to Baltimore, and the town lay abandoned for over 150 years.

Thomas Mostyn, aware of this threat to his community built a warning system – a chain of four lookout towers along the coast. This way they could watch out for enemy sails on the horizon and alert the authorities so they could respond. There is so much to learn about and explore in North Wales from Bodnant Garden’s storied history to other great days out like Portmeirion and Penrhyn Castle. Enjoy what this magical region has to offer.